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Singularity Hello World


You can use the pull or build commands to download pre-built images from resources like Singularity Hub or Docker Hub. In this example, we’ll pull a container from Singularity Hub and execute it in a SLURM script.

Command Line Container Pull

To retrieve the singularity image, you can pull it using singularity pull. This will save it locally to the filename and path provided (in this case, your working directory as hello-world.sif. Singularity is available on every HPC compute node and does not need to be loaded with a module statement. On a compute node:

[netid@r1u03n2 ~]$ singularity pull ./hello-world.sif shub://vsoch/hello-world
INFO:    Downloading shub image
59.8MiB / 59.8MiB [========================================] 100 % 14.0 MiB/s 0s

Submission Script

#SBATCH --job-name=Singularity_Hello_World
#SBATCH --ntasks=1
#SBATCH --nodes=1             
#SBATCH --mem=1gb                    
#SBATCH --time=00:01:00   
#SBATCH --partition=standard

singularity run hello-world.sif

Job Submission

[netid@r1u03n2 ~]$ sbatch hello-world.slurm 
Submitted batch job 1996576


[netid@r1u03n2 ~]$ cat slurm-1996576.out 
RaawwWWWWWRRRR!! Avocado!